Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Boston-Area Vegan-Friendly Restaurants

Not Boston, nor a restaurant. Just pretty and in New England.

In my previous post on going vegan, I touched upon the idea of finding vegan-friendly restaurants. Again, to me a place is vegan-friendly if its staff knows what vegan is and can provide appropriate dishes.

As a Boston-area vegan, I have my own preferences for places to eat, and I thought I would share them.

Veggie Galaxy-- Best restaurant ever, by far. The bakery is completely vegan and completely delicious. My birthday cake came from there this past year. The diner is vegetarian, but everything can be made vegan --omelets, waffles, pancakes, onion rings, sandwiches. Just go there. Omnivores like it, too.

O2 Vegan Cafe-- I do yoga here, too, and helped set up the place, so I'm very proud to recommend it. Go there, get the seitan slam and thank me later. Or you can get the spicy monkey smoothie. You'll still thank me.

True Bistro -- Completely vegan restaurant. It's delicious, if a little pricier and farther out. I go here a few times a year as it's on the fancier side. They also have a nut-free menu, so anyone allergic to eating tree nuts knows what is safe. They serve weekend brunch and dinner.

Clover -- Vegetarian fast food with vegan offerings. Get the falafel platter and call it a day.

Walnut Grille -- Vegetarian restaurant in Newton. It's worth the trip if you're in the area. I've only had brunch there, but I would be satisfied if that's all they served. They're vegan omelets are fresh and yummy. The decor is very cute, and the prices are reasonable.

My Thai Vegan Cafe -- Asian-inspired vegan restaurant in Chinatown. It's been a while since I have gone there, but I liked it and it's all vegan.

Dosa N' Curry -- Awesome vegetarian Indian restaurant. All the vegan dishes are marked, and they are all good. Don't plan on going for a run after hitting up this place.

Ole -- Mexican restaurant that knows what vegan means and offers a specifically vegan dish. Also, their guacamole is to die for. I had my birthday here last year, and it was a hit.

The Yard House -- They are surprisingly accommodating to all dietary restrictions. The manager came out himself to tell me what exactly was vegan. The food isn't stellar, but it's a great option for a group setting with people who insist on American fare.

Bronwyn -- Trendy German restaurant with, of all things, a delicious vegan dish. It was important to them that they provide one, and they were quite creative in keeping it in line with the German fare. There's only one, so don't expect choices; but you can always linger over the beer menu.

Helmand -- Afghani restaurant with a vegetarian platter they will make vegan for you if you ask.

Amsterdam Falafel -- So good. The pita bread isn't vegan, so get a falafel salad. You choose which toppings to put on, like tahini, baba ganoush, vegetables. It's messy and wonderful.

Asmara -- Vegans are pretty safe with Eritrean or Ethiopian fare, but I am pointing out this one because I remember them being knowledgeable about what is vegan. Bring friends, get a platter and enjoy eating with your hands. The flavor combinations are to die for.

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