Friday, June 27, 2014

Easy Taco Salad

 The other day, I very maturely texted my mother with, "It's too hot. I don't know what to eat." The summer heat can really make me unmotivated to do anything, let alone prepare food; and turning on appliances in my small apartment is not an option on those hot, humid days. My mother suggested salad, to which I countered that I could not subsist on just lettuce. Then, she reminded me about taco salad, something I used to eat often when I still lived at home. It is quick, healthy, adaptable and filling. It's basically dip with the addition of lettuce. We used to add thousand island dressing to the salad, but I find it perfectly seasoned with just the "taco" ingredients. Perhaps someday I will try it with one of these recipes.

Easy Taco Salad

Lettuce (I used romaine).
Black beans
Tortilla chips

1. Put everything on a plate or in a bowl and serve. The photo above shows a nice, presentation version; but when I eat it, I like to crunch up the chips and mix all the flavors together, using additional chips to scoop up the last bits.

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